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this book is a collection of drawings (made by me, rook) featuring Sigma Klim from the video game series Zero Escape (by Uchikoshi Kōtarō) 

"MY TASTE IN FICTIONAL MEN IS QUESTIONABLE AT BEST AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT" is a 22 page collection of art mostly consisting of pinups of sigma zeroescape but there's also some non-pinup sketches in here. half of the art in this book was never posted to any of my social media

this is not a strictly NSFW collection (it's pretty tame. it's like looking at the wal-mart swimsuit catalogue) but there are nipples and underwear in it and i, the artist, am an adult - so for that reason this book is designated as 18+ because i drew these with intent and i have a problem (it's called sigma)

i'm trusting you to be old enough to look at a fictional man's titty. it's not bad, but, there's some nips in it?? please be responsible

this collection has received glowing reviews from my friends such as "Rook I Will pass out" and "Hey this is really good"


Buy Now$2.00 CAD or more

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my taste in fictional men is questionable at best and there's nothing you can do about it - a collection of sigmas.pdf 33 MB

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